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This morning, when I turned on my phone, a message from one of my foreign customers popped up, clicked in to check, a picture scared me out of my soul. I am very confident in the quality of our products, but look at the umbrella, only frame left, with several fragments of the canopy attaching to it, looks too terrible!

I got go to rummage for the texts, and my heart finally returned to its place! The customer said that the batch of umbrellas ordered from us in 2014, the user customer sent a picture saying that the umbrella fabric was broken, and asked us to help with a new canopy. God! Umbrella fabric used for 10 years, shouldn’t it retires? After fierce wind and storming rain, harsh winter and scorching sun, 10 years later the canopy is not there yet the frame still stand intact! Be proud of you.

Be proud of you - Mavol Outdoor Umbrellas!


Written by Liana

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